Four Dukan Diet Phases: The Ultimate Secret to a Remarkable Weight

Dukan DietFour Dukan diet phases explains why French women have slender and chic bodies that have always been the element of admiration. If you thought it was the clove oil the continent has been blessed with, then you are wrong. Truth be told; the credit is given to the French neurologist turned nutritionist, Dr. Dukan who introduced the diet plan eleven years ago. Today, it is no longer a secret and has become the magic portion for hour-glass bodies prominent with models and film stars like Jennifer Lopez.
Its efficacy has hit the modern-day like a storm, and if you are hearing it right now, then it isn’t too far from your reach. The main inspiration from Dr. Dukan perspective was to bring in a program that would get rid of the extra fats, prevent recoup of weight and at the same time allow routine eateries.
The Attack Phase
This marks the start of the diet where you eat proteins only, expect to instantly lose up to 7lb in the first few 7 days (approx 1-2lb each day). Take note that you eat exclusively pure proteins and not fats, the list includes: eggs, lean meat, fish and dairy products free from fat. The idea behind this phase is to force the body to produce kenotic cells responsible for appetite repression. Additionally, your tissues will release excess water and immediately you will realize radiant skin. In simple words, proteins have a complex structure that compels the body to works extra hard during digestion, thus more calories are burnt each day of the phase.
The Cruise Phase
Here, you alternate the pure protein days with 32 varieties of vegetables. You can call it the Protein-Vegetable Phase that aims at reaching your dream body weight. This phase does not guarantee speedy weight loss. The average margin for weight loss is 2lb per week or 3lb in a span of 3 days and you get to practice this until the true weight is achieved.
Consolidation Phase
This phase makes the Dukan diet different from the Atkins one. It eases dieters from the eating procedure into a permanent regiment. At this stage, you start eating fruits, cereals, starchy foods and even chocolate, butter, alcohol and any other food you like at least twice in a week. The idea is to savor any food you desire whilst restricting you to rebound to the former food eating habits. So, don’t expect to lose or add weight, but be sure to retain the new weight.
Stabilization Phase
This phase entails living the French way of life by consuming proteins on Thursday, walking for 20 minutes and 3 tablespoon of oat bran everyday and forever.
Oat bran is a carbohydrate rich in protein, sugar and soluble fiber that increase the rate of sugar absorption in the gut. It has many benefits such as making you feel full, improves intoxication process and eases constipation especially in the attack phase. It is the dream of everyone to live a happy and healthy life, indeed as charity began at home, the good news that the four Dukan diet phases brings is now open for anyone to achieve a gorgeous body.

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