Food Cravings: 5 Ways To Get Past Them

diet systems Many diet systems restrict certain foods and cause us to have serious food cravings for the things we love, such as sweet and salty foods. If the craving is too intense, we can end up reaching for an unhealthy option. That can ruin the diet we have set out for ourselves. However, there are ways to stop food cravings. This article will talk about five of them.

1. Cut Out Artificial Sweeteners

Many people use artificial sweeteners to cut out calories from their diet. Artificial sweeteners are made from unnatural chemicals that are unhealthy for the brain and body. In addition, these sweeteners are twice as sweet as regular sugar, and they actually cause the brain and taste buds to crave sweet because of that extra sweetness. If you really want to use a zero calorie sweetener, then try one that is natural like Stevia.

2. Control Your Stress

Stress often brings about food cravings. This does not have to be negative stress like worry or anxiety, although that is often the case, but it can also be positive stress like extreme excitement or anticipation. Learning to cope with your stress and keep your brain in a relaxed state can help you to eliminate food cravings.

Meditation is a great way to keep your mind balanced and free of stress. It can help you to find your center (calm place) and teach you how to return to that sense of calm whenever stress starts to appear.

3. Know Your Triggers

TV, friends, family, and big events can all be triggers for food cravings. Knowing your triggers, and preparing ahead of time for them, is essential to help you get past your food cravings. Often, just recognizing your triggers and being mentally prepared can be enough to help you get over the craving. Having gum or something else ready for that moment you know you will be tempted can also help.

4. Remove The Food That Causes The Food Cravings

If you often have food cravings for sweets in the evening, and you are trying to stop eating so many sweets, then remove all sweet food from your house. The further away the food is from you, the less likely you are to try to satisfy that food craving. Even if you live with other people, and they like sweets, you should ask them to help you out by keeping the sweet food out of the house for a while until you have beaten your food cravings.

5. Try Sensa

Instead of reaching for the unhealthy food like the chips or chocolate, try using Sensa sprinkles to enhance the taste of a healthier option and allow you to stick to your healthy eating routine. Sensa is free from calories, sugar, and sodium, yet it gives you the sense that you are giving yourself those things by utilizing your sense of smell.

A huge portion of our taste comes from our smell. This is the idea behind Sensa. They have a variety of flavors that fit into the sweet or salty category. Therefore, when we sprinkle Sensa on our food, we smell the desired taste and our minds decide that we have satisfied our craving of sweet or salty. This is a natural way to beat food cravings and eat healthier. It is also one of the great diet systems on the market because it helps you feel satisfied, without overeating your favorite foods.

In conclusion, food cravings can be hard to overcome but not impossible! Eliminate artificial sweeteners, control your stress, understand your triggers, get rid of the food that causes food cravings, and try Sensa. All of these tips can help you eliminate those cravings and get on with your health goals.

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