Dukan Diet Menu Sample

Dukan DietThis first stage of the Dukan Diet lasts is 5-7 days, or 1 week. I suggest you start doing the attack diet for 1 week. If you can do the diet with ease, stretch for over one week and then enter the next phase (Transfer Phase). Below you will find the foods allowed along with a dukan diet sample menu.

So here we go!

This phase consists of carbohydrate without eliminating them completely from the diet, this applies to: candies, breads, cakes (and everything that has flour), rice, potatoes and other vegetables (manioc, cassava, sweet potatoes, yams, etc.), all flour and whole grains (cereals like granola, cornflakes and flour of all kinds, breadcrumbs, etc). In addition Dr. Dukan advises to avoid as much fat as possible. Also, I ask you to add a little olive oil in food preparation.

Also you should avoid in these 7 days ALL FRUITS. Yes, all. And also should cut ALL FRUIT JUICE. The only fruit allowed is lemon… hmm hard to eat it isn’t? So you really should not consume any fruit, if you really only want it, go only with the lemon juice with sweetener, ok?

For convenience, I’ll post here the items that you CAN eat:

1. ALL MEAT: (yes, ALL, this applies to: beef steaks, chicken grilled/roasted, fish and pork chops, and grilled or roasted sirloin), lean meats preferably and remove all apparent fat!

2. CHEESE: (ALL, but prefer the thinner cheese as WHITE, RICOTTA, MOZZARELLA AND COTTAGE. Also limit the consumption of the more caloric and fatty cheeses such as gorgonzola, cheddar, etc.


4. Scrambled EGGS: boiled, fried (with a few of olive oil), pochet and omelet.

5. ALL LEAVES: lettuce, arugula, spinach, cabbage, chicory, escarole, LEAVES OF MUSTARD ETC! Originally Dukan diet does not have leaves but I can not understand why let leaves and vegetables off at this stage. ok?

6. EMBEDDED: trust the “healthiest” as turkey breast and lean ham.

7. BEVERAGES: coffee and tea without sugar, zero sodas, lemonade with sweetener and much water!

8. OATS: only cereal allowed. Dr. Dukan suggests consumption of 2-3 tablespoons per day in the form of porridge, pancakes, or skim milk.

Dukan diet sample menu

– Breakfast

When you wake up: 1 cup of warm water;
1 scrambled egg with a slice of white cheese;
1 cup of skim milk with 1 tbsp. of oat dessert and sweetener.

– Morning Snack

1 roll with: 1 slice of turkey breast, 1 slice of lean ham and 1 slice of mozzarella cheese.

– Lunch

Green salad seasoned with a dash of olive oil;
A big steak or topside of beef and grilled onions and a roasted chicken drumsticks;
A dish of steamed broccoli.

– Dessert: gelatin diet.

– Afternoon Snack

A slice of ricotta cheese grilled or 1 baked egg, or a cheese;
1 cup of mint tea without sugar.

– Dinner

Green salad and purple cabbage, chopped;
1 salmon fillet baked with herbs or a boned leather chicken leg, roasted with mustard;
2 tablespoons of stewed squash with 1 tbsp. (soup) of mustard and 1 tbsp. of vinegar.

– Supper

1 cup of chamomile tea + 2 rolls of ham.

Additional TIP: Drink MUCH water. Chew food well. If you still have hungry after following the dukan diet menu sample above, have a look at the list again and eat something like cheese, nuts or a cup of coffee with skim milk and sweetener.

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