Dukan Diet Food List

Dukan Diet FoodDukan Diet Food list comprises of all the foods that are allowed in the Dukan Diet. Created by a French physician, Dukan diet is a low carb, low fat and protein-based diet. Though this diet existed for quite some time, it became popular since year 2000. This protein-based nutritional approach aims as consuming protein rich food items, and completely avoiding carbs and fats. This is because proteins promote muscle built and helps in burning body fat. The whole diet plan is based on how primitive man used to eat when we were hunter-gathers. During that time, proteins and vegetables were only found.

The Dukan Diet food list includes 100 food items, of which 72 are animal-based and 28 come from plant source. While following the Dukan diet, you do not have to count calories- you are allowed to eat as much as you want, as long as you are eating from the 100 food list. The reason the food list is separated into two parts is because the two weight loss stages of the diet are based on days where you can eat only protein rich foods and on days where you can eat protein rich foods and vegetables.

The Dukan list comprises of seven types of beef, two types of veal, two types of meat offal, three items from deli counter (precooked ham slices with fat removed, precooked chicken or turkey slices and fat reduced bacon), two items from game, 8 types of poultry, 26 types of seafood and fish, hen’s and quail’s eggs, 5 types of fat free dairy products and one type of vegetable protein (tofu). The other part of the lsit comprises of 28 selected vegetables, all of which are healthy, colorful and full of nutrients.

The Dukan diet mainly consists of 4 phases or ground pillars, i.e. Attack phase, Cruise phase, Consolidation phase and Stabilisation phase. Let us understand what foods are included in each phase of the Dukan diet food list.

Attack Phase: This phase stimulates the body metabolism to lose around 2-3 kgs within 2-10 days. During this phase, dieters can eat only lean protein in unlimited amounts. The only carb allowed during this phase is oat bran which is eaten in limited quantity. Oat bran is rich in fiber and keeps your hunger satisfied for a longer time.

During the Cruise phase, vegetables are included in the Dukan menu. You can eat from the list of 28 non-starchy vegetables, starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn and carrots are avoided. Alternate combination of only protein day followed by protein-vegetable day during this phase helps in achieving the True weight. You can take tea, coffee, or vegetable juice, but without sugar.

During the Consolidation phase, the focus is on preventing weight gain when forbidden foods are reintroduced in the diet. The dieter can eat fruits low in sugar and carb, whole wheat cereals, unlimited amounts of protein and vegetables. The last phase, Stabilization phase allows you to eat whatever you want but in moderate quantities.

The Dukan Diet food list contains complete nutrient-rich foods that help in weight loss without compromising on health.

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