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The dukan diet plan – what it is and will it work?

The Dukan diet planThe dukan diet plan is so called due to it being named after the French physicist who was the original creator of this particular approach to trying to lose weight. Below is information about what is actually involved in the plan as well as details about its aims and of course whether or not it stands a chance of helping you lose weight.

The first thing you should know about this plan is that it follows the idea of limiting the amount of fat and carbohydrates that you eat during the day and both of these approaches will be familiar to anybody who has previously tried to lose weight. The difference; however, with this plan is that once you have got to the weight that you have set as your target it then helps you to structure your diet to maintain that weight whilst still being healthy.

By limiting the fat you eat on a daily basis it does then mean your body will use some of the fat that has already been stored and turn that into energy. This will, in most cases, result in some weight loss and this can be quite fast at the beginning although it will slow as time progresses and become less noticeable.

The approach follows different stages and they include the attack phase, cruise phase, consolidation phase, and finally the permanent stabilization phase. Each part is designed for a specific purpose, but it is useful to know what they are prior to starting.

The attack phase is the start and with this you focus on just eating protein so you can expect eggs, lean meat, and dairy products that are fat free. This lasts for around five days before you then move on to the cruise phase.

This cruise phase is characterized by alternating between protein days and days focused on vegetables although some people will go for five days of one and then switch to the other. This phase has to be repeated until the dieter gets to what is known as their target weight at which point they switch to the third step.

At the consolidation phase some carbohydrates are introduced; however, this is in a controlled manner. The length of the consolidation phase is directly linked in to how much weight is lost and the formula employed is five days for every one pound of weight that has been lost. This is an important part as the first few months is the time when the body is most likely to put the weight back on, which is why you need to follow their guide in regard to protein only days as well as other food you can eat.

Finally you have the permanent stabilization phase and this can actually be defined as meaning for the rest of your life. By being regimental you can lower the chances of that weight coming back and then having to start it all over again.

You will have noticed that this particular diet focuses on eating a lot of protein as well as an increase in the number of vegetables and the entire plan is structured according to what you should eat on any given day. There are a number of other diets out there that do focus on protein, but it is perhaps best to quickly look at both the positives and negatives of this particular approach.

The positives of the dukan diet plan.

Before you start a plan, it will always be beneficial to have an idea about the positives, as well as the potential negatives so you then know what to expect. When it comes to the dukan diet plan perhaps the main thing is the fact that it does look at consolidating the weight loss over the long term. This is different from a number of other plans that focus on low fat or low carbohydrate intake as, instead, they look at losing weight in the short term and then leave people to fend for themselves.

Another real positive is that the plan stresses the idea of only getting to what could be deemed to be your true weight and not going below it. This means you get to the weight that suits your height and natural build so it is healthy and not about losing as much as possible and then becoming underweight. By being honest about how much you should expect to lose, often around 10%, it does mean the dieter will not feel cheated by the plan should they fail to lose more than what the normal body can often achieve.

The negatives.

The structure of the plan means that you have days where all you eat is protein so there are some worries about getting the correct nutrition on those specific days. You can of course look at making sure you get the right vitamins by taking supplements and those are allowed as part of the diet.

Another potential negative is a distinct lack of salt with a low carbs diet and this can actually mean it is harder to stick with the diet during those first couple of weeks. The reason for this is that with a diet that is low in carbohydrates there is a tendency to require more salt as the body does require it, but the plan cuts out a lot of food that has it as a big ingredient.

Does it work?

This is of course the big question with any diet and the first thing that should be said is that the dukan diet plan has undoubtedly helped a lot of people lose at least some weight. How much, or how successful it is will often come down to the individual and how willing they are to stick to the guide and not veer off due to various temptations.

You will hopefully have now picked up all of the information that you need to make up your mind as to whether or not this is the best way to lose weight for you. It is an approach that is low in fat and carbohydrates and there is sound scientific theory behind using this particular plan. There is no doubt that using the dukan diet plan has helped a large number of people since its creation so there is every chance it will help you as long as you follow the rules and regulations at all times.

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